On-Demand An Osteopathic Approach to Treating the TMJ feat. David Lintonbon


This is a seminar recording on the treatment of the TMJ featuring Dr David Lintonbon D.O. (London School of Osteopathy).
TMJ techniques, including the common causes of head pain, reviews examination techniques to assess this area, followed by how to use mobilisation, inhibition and Muscle Energy Techniques to treat a variety of musculo-skeletal disorders of this area. You will be taken through the common causes of TMJ dysfunction and taught how to identify the muscles of the TMJ both outside and inside the mouth.
This practical class will improve your diagnostic and treatment protocols with patients that present with TMJ and common head pain.
It will be helpful to have a partner available to practice the techniques and some gloves for some intra-oral techniques that will be shown!
David Lintonbon DO (Osteopath) has over 30 years’ experience working with dental clinics & dental surgeons, allowing him to share genuine clinical experience of treating these issues with everyone in the course.