On-Demand Zoom Masterclass: Neurological Myofascial Needling for the Head, Neck & Face


This Zoom seminar download is delivered by Dr Jon Marshall (Osteopath & Acupuncturist).
The effects of Myofascial Needling are multi-factorial and goes way beyond simply “deactivating” trigger points.
This seminar focuses on the application of Myofascial Needling to treat a variety of common neurological disorders and pain syndromes of the head, neck and face.
Participants will learn techniques to treat relative conditions and the areas of influence of the:
• Greater Auricular Nerve
• Supraorbital Nerve
• Trigeminal Nerve
• Greater Occipital Nerve
• Lesser Occipital Nerve
• Spinal Accessory Nerve
We will also look at Facial Needling of 15 Motor Points that will focus on correct, painless and safe insertion of facial needling. Needling to the face requires a totally different approach and technique from body needling. Learn the foundation that will allow you to treat a variety of disorders and the same points used in facial rejuvenation.
**Prior needling experience is required for both of these masterclasses.**
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