On-Demand HVLA & MET: Knee Ankle Foot Mobilisation Techniques feat. David Lintonbon


This Zoom seminar recording runs for 1 hour and 45 mins, delivered by David Lintonbon DO from the London School of Osteopathy, U.K. Upon purchase, you will be able to download the recording directly from the order confirmation page. You will also receive an email with the download link. If you have an account with us, you can also access your purchases from the “Downloads” section.
The seminar will explore the knee, superior & inferior tib/fib joints, ankle and foot techniques, including the common compensatory pattern, reviews examination techniques to assess this area, followed by HVLA and Muscle Energy Techniques to treat a variety of musculo-skeletal disorders of this area.
The focus will be on common dysfunction of the foot, ankle inferior, superior tib fib joints and the knee. This lecture aims to improve your diagnostic and treatment protocols with patients that present with knee and lower extremity pain.
On completion of this course you will have the improved diagnostic/palpatory skills necessary to identify, assess and treat specific dysfunction within the knee, ankle and foot.
Receive a $30 bundle discount (total payable $168 AUD) automatically at checkout if you register for both parts of the course, this and HVLA & MET: SI Pelvis and Hip Mobilisation Techniques feat. David Lintonbon.