Advanced Headache and Migraine for Manual Medicine Practitioners


Level 1 Course: Fundamentals of Headache and Migraine for Manual Medicine Practitioners
Level 1 Dry Needling Course or equivalent


Course Goals:

  • To deepen the understanding of complex headache disorders and advanced diagnostic techniques.
  • To enhance skills in advanced manual medicine techniques and their application in complex cases.
  • To integrate multimodal treatment approaches, including advanced exercise prescription and rehabilitation strategies.
  • To develop comprehensive, individualized treatment and management plans for patients with headaches and migraines.


Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  • Diagnose complex headache disorders using advanced assessment tools and techniques, considering the latest research and clinical guidelines.
  • Perform advanced manual therapy techniques, including HVLA adjustments, MET, advanced dry needling and myofascial release, with an understanding of their indications, contraindications, and integration into treatment plans.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive, multimodal treatment plans that address the specific needs and conditions of headache and migraine sufferers.
  • Prescribe advanced exercise and rehabilitation programs that promote long-term wellness and prevention of headache and migraine recurrence.
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of treatment plans, making adjustments based on patient feedback and clinical outcomes, and engage in professional communication and referral as necessary.


By achieving these learning outcomes, participants in both levels of the course will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively treat and manage patients with headaches and migraines using a manual medicine approach.


Please remember that the prerequisite for this course is to have completed a recognised Level 1 Dry Needling certification and the previous Level 1 Module


Day 1: Advanced Diagnostic Techniques

Morning Session: Deep Dive into Headache Disorders

  • Detailed review of complex cases and rare headache disorders
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging and techniques


Afternoon Session: Manual Assessment Revisited

Advanced palpation techniques

  • Functional and biomechanical assessments
  • Advanced needling techniques for the shoulder, head and neck


Day 2: Advanced Treatment Modalities

Morning Session: Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques

  • High-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) adjustments
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Myofascial release techniques for headache treatment


Afternoon Session: Multimodal Treatment Approaches

  • A structural approach to cranial with clinical correlations (Part 2)
  • Case-based learning: developing comprehensive treatment plans


Day 3: Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation

Morning Session: Advanced Exercise and Rehabilitation

  • Designing advanced exercise programs for headache and migraine sufferers
  • Headstrong Migraine program overview
  • Rehabilitation techniques and technologies


Afternoon Session: Building a Comprehensive Care Plan

  • Strategies for long-term management of headaches and migraines
  • Patient case presentations and group discussions
  • Course review


Location Time & Date Venue
Melbourne, VIC 9.00am – 5.00pm, February 7-9, 2025 The Living Centre, 16 Trinity Place, East Melbourne 3002


  • Bundle discounts are available for purchases of two or more Headache and Migraine Series course places. $100 discount per course, automatically applied at checkout.