Online Learning


Learn online the fundamentals of complementary adjunct treatments such as dry needling and myofascial cupping. Our courses consist of written theory, a series of explanatory and demonstrative video tutorials, suggested reading, and reference material.

These courses have been created to complement the practical seminars we offer. Please be aware that our online learning courses are not designed to replace our practical workshops because it does not have the participatory element whereby participants can practice on each other under expert supervision. It also can not offer the face-to-face feedback from fellow course attendees and our instructors regarding sensation and technique for example. Therefore, these courses are not an endorsement or qualification to practice, but serves as a good reference and learning resource.

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Myofascial Needling & Cupping (Level 1)

Learn the basics of musculoskeletal needling and myofascial cupping. This course focuses on correct needling technique, methods of needle stimulation, safety and hygiene, treatment protocols, indications/contraindications and more.

Myofascial Cupping Only

Learn the basics of myofascial cupping. Our course teaches fixed and mobile cupping using glass cups and plastic pump cups. We focus on safety and hygiene, treatment protocols, indications/contraindications, and more.